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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why have a website if you can’t get found? Our SEO skills ensure that your website has online prominence and is easy to find!

You can offer the best product or service on the web, but it means nothing if no one can find you.

Our SEO experts live and breathe Google rankings so they can optimise your site with effective keyworded content, structures, and strategies that will have organic (which is free!) traffic flowing into it. We’ll work with you to convert all your new traffic into qualified customers and make your website top of mind and on the first page of a Google search.

Our curious SEO bees learn all there is to know about your core products and model, then deliver the best results.

Our SEO money making honey


For this module, we conduct a thorough, 40-point, technical analysis of your site following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Find, Crawl, Index & Brand.


We conduct intense research and analysis of your keyword market, analyzing competitors keywords, lost keywords & keyword gaps.


We optimize your pages scientifically to perform at their best by reverse engineering the page Google wants to see.


Our SEO bees then test your web page. We could pair your SEO with PPC to factor on Site Authority that is trustable, of high authority, and generates relevant inbound links to your site.