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Social Media Marketing

To us, social is more than just content. We give you content that creates conversations, builds a community and gets the community engaging and purchasing your brand.

In many parts of sub Saharan Africa, social is the shop front – and so how we display your brand proposition is intentionally and creatively done, to drive results. By results we mean helping you engage and build a community made up of the right audience, engaged at the right time, with the right type of content. Our guarantee is that you’ll never have to ask yourselves “what do we post today?” ever again. We handle the social buzz so you can go back to being your busy-bee self, handling the business that comes in!

Our social marketing honey includes:

  • Monthly content calendars that feature modern copywriting that helps your brand voice sing, whatever the genre.
  • Eye-catching images and graphics to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Written content, researched hashtags, custom graphics, GIFs, social media progress analyses, and much more, all wrapped up and delivered to you in a stunning social media package. That’s what honey from our hive is made of!

“Rest assured, we consider every aspect of how you want to be perceived by the public and present it in a lovely social package.”


It’s all about you. We’ll hang out and do everything we can to learn about your brand and your business. Then we’ll set metrics for future growth.

“Get to know you”


We kick things into high gear. We’ll provide unique and valuable information about your brand and your ideal target, where to find them and how to connect with them.

“Create, Post and Boost Content”


We get personal with your audience; make them feel special. We’ll offer premium content to engage your visitors like, share and comment, making them feel understood and heard.

“Build, Engage and Manage the community”


We track leads, and support you in turning them into loyal customers as part of our community management service. Real time tracking and social listening enables us to respond, and adjust messaging to keep it relevant and current.

The Digital Beehive Social Media Marketing process

Our Social media process is a straightforward and immersive process that’s all about you.

  1. Get to know you
  2. Create, Post and Boost content
  3. Build, Engage and Manage the community
  4. Measure Impact and Improve