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Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

October 8, 2022October 14, 2022No comments

At Digital Beehive Africa, a digital marketing agency in Kenya, we receive calls from clients and brands almost every day.

Our Account Manager sets up a virtual meeting, breaks down the brief for us, the Digital Bees; we brainstorm with our client to better understand and fulfil their needs; then our CEO seals the deal with her charming words filled with knowledge and expertise of over 20 years.

“Trust us. Give us just a month and see how it goes.”

We want to be the teacher’s pet

When you make the choice to call a digital marketing agency in Kenya, you want to solve a digital marketing problem your organisation is facing. Moreover, you want a quick fix to that solution.

The problems could range from not having enough leads or sales, or perhaps, you had a bad experience with another digital marketing agency in the past and you’re not ready to risk your business, money, time and resources, to commit to another long-term business relationship.

In very few, but lucky situations, digital marketing can be a quick fix.

However, beyond the casual brainstorm workshops with our clients, and the onboarding processes, Digital Beehive Africa’s goal, from the onset, is to digitally transform your business from the roots to the shoots. This goes beyond internalising the brand, its target audience, and needs.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency in Kenya or any other agency as a matter of fact, is not a short-term solution. We cannot make promises to deliver results within timeframes where we haven’t fully understood you or your product/service.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you’re looking for a ‘now’ or overnight solution, ask yourself:

1. What is it I really want to accomplish?

2. Why do I want this in ___ time?

3. How much more can I achieve with more time?

4. In a year, will I have the capacity to achieve my goal?

Now if you’re searching for a digital marketing agency in Kenya to partner with, grow with, and learn with, consider looking up Digital Beehive Africa.

Here are the 3 things you should look out for while looking for a digital marketing agency in Kenya:

Kenyan Icon Kipchoge.

1. Is the digital marketing agency in Kenya asking the right questions?

The digital marketing agency needs to understand what your business entails. 

They must seek and take the time to get to know you and your organisation thoroughly. 

It may sound a bit stalker-y, to be honest. Nonetheless, this deeper understanding of how you work, leads to how well we will work together to reach the desired goal. With this deep understanding, you’ll be able to realise:

· What’s missing?

· Where can we improve?

· What can we accomplish together?

These answers will not be achieved in a short time span.

Building a strong foundation from the beginning means that you have the opportunity to form a lasting partnership where innovation and ideas can be exchanged. In the long run, the results obtained are worth the risk, time, and money.

Digital Beehive Africa is a 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

2. Will there be a “special connection?”

Nothing but good vibes here.

No stupid questions. Every question is a learning opportunity at Digital Beehive Africa.

A digital marketing agency is more than just the ‘closer’. 

Behind our CEO, is a team of designers, writers, developers, strategists, and account managers that all come together to fulfil your business marketing needs.

Expect many back and forth communications via WhatsApp or email. Stress and confusion will arise at some point, especially when anticipating success. 

Not to worry – as a digital marketing agency in Kenya, and saying true to the African spirit of community, we’ll make you feel like you’re part of our hive and embrace you every step of the way.

3. What are your expectations of a digital marketing agency in Kenya?

You must have heard the saying, ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.’

As a digital marketing agency in Kenya, we fully comprehend your business needs and goals. We also see how big your dreams are for your company or brand. Nevertheless, we are also realists.

Yes, the truth hurts.

We can’t promise to grow your leads or following on social media in one month.

We can’t assure you of a viral campaign overnight.

We’re not saying that it can’t happen, but it’s definitely as rare as a hen’s teeth, or achievable in another dimension where pigs fly.

That doesn’t stop us from trying.

Your choice of a digital marketing agency needs to be honest with you, stating the possibilities, expected outcomes, and mitigated risks.

It would be disheartening to commit to a digital marketing agency that promises the earth, sun, and moon, only to deliver nothing more than a deep sigh of disappointment.

Time is money is time

We always tell all our clients that we want to deliver exceptionally remarkable results for their organisation. After discussing their ‘big picture’ goals and challenging ourselves to see the ‘bigger picture’, we retain a sense of reality knowing it will take time.

Our promise to all companies looking for a digital marketing agency in Kenya is that we will deliver results that will catapult them to the next level, while retaining sustainable growth practices.

No, it’s not easy. We want to tell you that we can build you a website that will guarantee 4000 leads in a week, but we can only achieve this given a significant amount of time.

We are only human, after all.

To conclude

It takes time to build concrete and long-lasting business relationships. So, we don’t rush the process. We commit to doing the best for you and your business/brand.

When we partner with you, we buckle down and focus on YOUR BRAND and churn out-of-this-world digital marketing strategies that give you top-tier real estate on Google’s Search page.

Our promise:

1. Collective understanding

2. Collective communication

3. Honesty

4… And good vibes!

It’s a journey, but we’re here to ride the wave because we truly love what we’re doing.

Ready to partner with a digital marketing agency in Kenya?

Send us a message here. You could also call us on +254 701 007 001 or email

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