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SEO Company in Kenya

October 4, 2022October 14, 2022No comments

Web3 is taking the world by storm with new tech, cryptocurrencies, and easier ways to communicate. Web2 saw the rise and importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for any brand or company looking to grow online. As more businesses in Kenya think ‘digital first’, it’s now more important than ever to make Google your new BFF with SEO content writing. You can easily do this by hiring an SEO company in Kenya to help your brand write cleverly crafted copy that will engage and inspire, whilst getting front and center in search rankings.

What is SEO Content Writing?

“Google now has an advanced set of algorithms that are way more advanced than they were 20 years ago.”

When you turn to Google for answers, you’ll be searching for keywords. Rarely do you use a complete sentence or a grammatically correct question. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to think of how your customer is going to search for your business/brand/service/product.

For example, to find Digital Beehive Africa, we know phrases like ‘SEO Company in Kenya’, ‘SEO Company in Nairobi’, ‘Digital Marketing Agency Kenya’, or ‘Web Design Kenya’ and ‘Social Media Marketing in Kenya’, will help us reach and discover our target audience.

Finding the right keywords for your business is the first step in the process and is at the very core of effective SEO content writing.

It’s simple. Think of a word that best describes what your business is, what it does, or what problem you’re solving. Then, include those keywords into your website to optimise it, and create structured as well as targeted content.

Killing it with Keywords

SEO is not about saturating your content with 40 keywords. Yes, it may be relevant, however, if the article reads like an AI wrote it, is poorly structured, and sounds like a broken record, then it doesn’t matter. No one would want to read it; you will not gain the engaged and educated audience you wish to attract and retain. Moreover, it helps seeking the expertise of an SEO company in Kenya.

At Digital Beehive Africa, we write clever and thoughtful SEO content tailored to your brand.

Don’t expect to be on the first page of Google’s search engine for using countless keywords. Google’s algorithm today is far more advanced and can determine the quality, relevance, and value of an article.

Writing for the readers and robots.

As an SEO company in Kenya, we seek to write SEO-friendly content that not only excites your readers but impresses Google simultaneously. This would make the search engine robots love your company and place you among top real estate; on the first page of Google search.

Alternatively, you could consider page construction and presentation.

Google wants to know:

–          Is your site secure?

–          Is it easy to navigate?

–          Is your site responsive?

–          Do the pages load fast?

–          Is the content well-structured in categories? Etc.

It’s not a guessing game. First impressions matter, even when it comes to SEO content.

Here’s 10 tips to help you write perfectly structured SEO content:

The Google algorithm is, after all, still a robot, so don’t go out of your way to please it. Your competition is out here also looking for the best way to rank on Google’s first page. Focus on ensuring your content is accurate and relevant.

Stand out from your competition with more in-depth SEO content writing with an SEO company in Kenya.

When seeking for an SEO company in Nairobi, remember these points:

–          Don’t go ham on the keywords trying to impress the algorithm.

–          Aim for a balanced keywords to total word count ratio. We advise using 7-10 Keywords for every 1200-worded article.

–          Don’t tie yourself to a single keyword. Think outside the box and sprinkle some long-tail keywords (secondary keywords) in your SEO content writing. They may not be as relatable as the main keyword but are closely linked to the topic at hand.

–          Integrate solutions to problems; answers to questions that your readers would likely ask. You will uncover these as you search for keywords.

–          The goal is to be a thought leader and the best resource for information related to that keyword. We can achieve this as an SEO company in Kenya to guarantee maximum value for your SEO content.

–          Let’s not forget the basics of a great website: Is the page construction and presentation up to modern standards? Ensure the page is secure, fast to load, easy to navigate and responsive.

What about when writing SEO Content?

–          Echo the tone of voice of your audience; formal, informal, offbeat, tongue-in-cheek, et al.

–          Keep your paragraphs short and sweet – no more than a few sentences.

–          If you have facts and data, back them up with a link. Attribute your sources, always.  Use reputable, trustworthy sites with authority in the subject matter.

–          Have a title, headlines, and subheadings for your content. Include the primary or secondary keyword where necessary.

–          Certain search results are usually presented as ‘featured snippets’ by Google. Moreover, these snippets contain more information than your standard list, tables or ‘people also ask’, section. Summarise your content to fit within a snippet.

–          SEO is not just about content writing – it’s about all forms of content. To capture the wandering eye of the reader, include images, videos, GIFS, infographics etc. The trick is to write the video script using SEO practices; label or add ALT text and captions that employ SEO tactics.

–          In conclusion, just let your writing flow! Introduction, body, and conclusion.

Let your writing flow!

Digital Beehive Africa, your SEO company in Kenya

SEO content writing is much more precise than it was years ago. SEO is a growing and ever-expanding universe with internet demands, from Web2 to Web3. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to the quality, relevance, and structure of your website.

If you need help with your SEO content marketing services, reach out to the SEO company in Nairobi today. The Digital Bees are ready to tell your brand story.

We provide a wide range of robust and professional SEO services in Kenya. With impressive SEO results, Digital Beehive Africa’s SEO expertise can be seen from the services provided and plethora of SEO results achieved. 

Digital Beehive Africa’s SEO services include, content writing, PPC & SEO website design & development. 

Hit up the SEO Company in Kenya, Digital Beehive Africa and get your website optimised today.

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