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3 things to consider when picking a brand influencer

March 15, 2023March 15, 2023No comments

An influencers most unique skill, is how they engage their audiences. Through continuing to grow that audience with consistent and unique ideas,  partnering with brands for endorsement purposes has been a lucrative path for both parties.

Influencer marketing in Kenya is not only a prominent tool today, but an innovative one.

As seen in 2023, nearly 40% of marketers in Kenya say they are dedicating a budget for influencer marketing, and 80% report influencer marketing in Kenya to be effective.

The Digital Bees are ready here to help you navigate influencer marketing, and here’s a place to start.

How engaging is the influencer? It’ll open the feedback floodgates!

There are your traditional marketing tools to gather feedback; hold a focus group, your good old email survey, and so on.

However, why not mix it up with influencer marketing?  A truly unique tool influencers use, is their ability to start a conversation.

A highly engaging influencer is able to share their thoughts and experiences with your brand, and ask what others think of it. In addition, encouraging curiosity to give your product a go.

Caution: Watching your favourite influencer try a new product, may lead to an impulse buy!

How well does your product and the influencer relate?

If the market your product is related to the influencer’s niche, then you’re on the right track!

Building on the trust the influencer has with their followers, your product will have found its target audience.

Did you know that as of late 2019,  62% of social media users trust the word of influencers over A-list celebrities? A brand-influencer relationship could make a bigger splash than you expect.

Plus, if their traits and existing content have symmetry with your specific product; the authenticity of the partnership comes naturally.

Kenya’s famous TikTok Chef (and ex-rugby player) Dennis Ombachi in partnership with Kenchick

Does the life they share publicly align with your brand?

Influencers won’t just show off their creative side, but share their lives as well. This is how they connect and grow a bond and loyalty with their followers.

Therefore, you must take an all-rounded look at the influencers they are considering. If their lifestyle speaks to your brand, you’re golden.

Through affiliation, your brand exists in the rooms your influencer walks into.

You not only find your target audience, your brand interacts within it.

Why influencer marketing in Kenya is a powerful strategy to enlist.

  • The younger audience does not react positively to ads, they find them inauthentic. As of 2020, they became 40% of the shoppers in Kenya.
  • The influencer is able to share data analytics on the reception of the endorsement posts shared, to shed light on how the promotional material is being received.
  • According to a study conducted by GeoPoll, after live videos, product reviews are the most engaging type of content by influencers. 

In a study conducted with Kenyan and Nigerian consumers, 53% said they trust influencers more than brands themselves!

In a study conducted with Kenyan and Nigerian consumers, 53% said they trust influencers more than brands themselves!

There are so many factors to consider. Luckily, with a guided approach or use of consultation, the right pick could open a multitude of doors.

Contact us today, let us help you land the ideal win-win partnership with the right influencer, that ticks all your boxes.

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