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How you can use Facebook Business to reach more customers and grow online

March 17, 2023March 17, 2023No comments

If you’re a small business owner looking to improve your social media marketing and advertising strategies, this article is for you. A Facebook Business Page is a powerful tool you don’t want to miss out on. 

From a Digital Report for Kenya 2023

With over 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is a vital platform for sales and social media marketing. A Facebook Business Page can connect you with customers and give them important information about your products, services, and upcoming events. 

And, with Facebook Ads and Messenger Ads, you can reach potential customers in a highly targeted and effective way. 

Trust us, every small business can benefit from a Facebook presence. So, take advantage of this platform and start growing your business today!

Let’s explore the ways you can use Facebook to give your business a boost and make the most out of your efforts.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Consider a Facebook Business Page as a free website where you can expand your internet presence and attract potential customers. 

Similar to a personal Facebook profile, it lets you send and receive messages, post updates, receive notifications, and interact with other users’ content through likes, shares, and comments.

Stand out with a Facebook Business Page

However, with so many businesses already on Facebook, you’ll need to make your page stand out from the crowd to grab attention and make an impact. 

While the process of setting yourself apart on Facebook may seem daunting, the numerous benefits of a Facebook Business Page may make it worth your time and effort.

Here are the benefits of having a Facebook Business Page for your business:

1. Display your contact info

Don’t leave your potential customers wondering about your availability and whereabouts. A Facebook Business Page is your digital compass, pointing them in the right direction for all the essential details. Whether it’s your phone line, store hours, address, or support email, a single visit to your page will give them everything they need to know.

2. Engage with your customers by posting updates and behind-the-scenes content

Your loyal customers are dying to know what goes on behind the scenes of your business, and a Facebook Page is the perfect platform to show them. Share photos of your bustling storefront or your team working hard behind the scenes. Keep your followers engaged and excited by sharing your latest products and promotions.

3. Access valuable insights and demographics

You’ll get more than just likes and comments; you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience. These insights will allow you to develop a more detailed understanding of your customers, so you can better tailor your marketing efforts and messaging to meet their needs.

Get valuable insights and statistics

4. Utilize the free and affordable Facebook marketing tools to lessen your marketing costs

Starting one is free and many of the additional marketing and analytics features are either free or inexpensive. You’ll be able to get your brand in front of billions of people, making it a savvy and cost-effective way to expand your reach.

5. Direct people to your website and increase your web traffic.

Your website is like a cozy coffee shop, but you need to get people through the door first. By linking your website to your Facebook Business Page, you’re essentially putting up a flashing neon sign that says, “Come on in!”. More visitors mean more chances for potential customers to peruse your products and services, and maybe even make a purchase. It’s like window shopping, but without the sore feet.

6. Improve your search engine rankings with a Facebook Business Page

It isn’t just a pretty face on social media – it’s a secret weapon for boosting your search engine rankings tool! 

Facebook Business is a wonderful tool to grow your social media presence

Having a Google mobile-friendly website can improve your search engine rankings. This is because as Google considers mobile page load speed to be a crucial metric. Find out how you can tie your search engine optimization (SEO) to your social media optimization (SMO) to boost your business online.


After you’ve set up your Facebook Business Page, it’s time to start crafting compelling content and engaging with your audience. To maximize the impact of your marketing efforts, consider these tips to leverage and increase your presence on Facebook.

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