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Should you consider email marketing for your business in 2023?

March 8, 2023March 8, 2023No comments

We have all been on the receiving end of advertising emails. Granted, we may have some mixed feelings about them, especially when you’re waiting on that one email to come through. Alas! it’s your friendly neighbourhood cab app chipperly reminding you that there’s a 15% deal up for grabs.

In 2022, the world was forecast to have 4.2 billion email users. By 2025, that number could grow to 4.6 billion users (Statista, 2021). That’s half of the world’s population! This mode of receiving and sending information has become as widespread as it was ever envisioned to be.

As a tool for marketing however, we know that emails just don’t carry that exciting new ring to it, that avenues like social platforms do, but it carries strengths that are unique to it.

As you explore different avenues to get your brand out there, humour us! Email marketing has been around for a long time

Fun fact! Email marketing has been on the scene since the early 70s – when earth , wind and fire and the Jackson 5 were making noise, so was she!

Your business can use Email Marketing, Emails have been around for over 40 years!

We have to respect emails; they have stood the test of time when so many have not been able to break away from being a fad. Plus, 40 years (give or take) is no joke!

It’s worth exploring!

The ball is in your audience’s court

There are more aggressive means of taking hold of consumers’ attention these days. Email marketing has proven to be a less invasive means of reaching out, which has in turn been one of its strengths. Allowing your audience to engage on their own terms, can yield more organic results.

Granted, composing persuasive email templates isn’t the easiest task to perform at the drop of a hat, but we can help with that!

Personalising your brand through your email marketing

An email is a chance to give your brand a voice! A chance to personalise yourself beyond your logo.

You are in control of your tone, language, design and content, you control how you will be received. 

Your email style is very telling of your brand, which can lead to better understanding, loyalty, trust and consistency with your customers.

Businesses must aim to evaluate that their email marketing efforts reflect this sentiment. 

Email marketing is easily customizable and swift! 

The beauty of an email is that it’s easily customisable to personalise a customer’s experience. Tools such as billboards and radio ads that aim to cover a broad audience in a short time span, you’re able to communicate at a more humanised level with emails. You can go so far as to send unique ones if you so wish.

Alternative internet marketing tools do require more time to plan, design, execute and distribute. If you’re looking to prioritise efficiency, email marketing could be what your business needs.

Analytically measuring your business impact

Data is power! Email marketing analytics allow you to gain further knowledge and understanding of your target audience.

Do people understand the content of your emails? Who is responding to it? For those who aren’t, how come? 

Analysing the feedback from your email marketing efforts is a two-way street; through consumers learning more about you, feedback allows you to learn more about them.

We’ll leave you with just a little bit to chew on, and to subtly work in that 3 out of 4 people are email users today. The online world is your oyster! Seize it with a little help from the digital bees!

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